Two Grid Examples

CSS layout is a bit complicated. There’s a lot to learn, and different browsers can behave in vastly different ways.

Here are two existing layout systems that use a grid for page layout.


If you want a lightweight grid, without much in the way of options, have a look Gridly. It uses Flexbox, so it won’t work every browser. Here’s the browser support for Flexbox.

Have a look at an example here, or on JS Bin.


If you want something with more options and control, you could look at one of the more popular Front-end Frameworks: Bootstrap. It has a lot of stuff in it, but for now we’re only interested in the the Grid section.

Have a look at an example here, or on JS Bin.

But wait, there’s more!

If you want to learn more about Front-end Frameworks in more detail, check out There’s even a special section on Grid Systems.